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Triple Coding

What is Triple Coding" and how does it work?

Triple Coding is a term developed by Jane Carlson-Pickering while doing research to determine why some teaching methods are more successful than others.

Her team of researchers determined that: "One of the reasons the Multiple Intelligences and technology work so well together is because researchers now know that when an individual wants to deeply understand something complex in nature, they should triple code their learning experiences. This means if you are exposed to new ideas that are presented to you through a minimum of three different intelligences, you will have a better chance of remembering the information.

If a teacher weaves together several teaching strategies to present information about one topic, then we can say that he is triple coding the educational experience.

A Mind-Map is a visual record of either a piece of written material or an oral presentation . . . giving them pictorial images helps an individual grasp the information quickly and rapidly with pictures, colors, and new vocabulary . . . it may tap into several of their intelligences just by the nature of its design . . . information is now stored in the brain both verbally and non verbally. . .

With the Click and Learn software, your students use SIX (6) of the Multiple Intelligences (simultaneously) as they learn states, countries, counties and other information (see handout on Multiple Intelligences).

Source: "Teachers in Technology Initiative - RITTI-Fellows Research; Jane Carlson-Pickering - Coordinator." Website:

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