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Click and Learn Testimonials


Geography Bee coach

School Superintendent

"Click and Learn is Awesome"

6th grade student in Bixby, Oklahoma.

"Within 2 hours of my order, our teachers and students were using the Click and Learn software . . . my 6-year-old son learned names and locations of 28 states in less than 15 minutes"

Oklahoma School Superintendent.

"I would have not gotten an A without Click and Learn"

College student during chance meeting inside the St. Louis Arch.

"I learned the names and of the [49] countries of Africa in 20 minutes"

Technical coordinator of a Lawton, Oklahoma, school.

"[My 15-year-old daughter] has a disorder of the optic nerve which effects her visual memory. She pulls up visual information in pieces and gets lost. Your program with the color highlighting is wonderfully clear to her . . . I am so proud of her. Everything she does takes so much time and when I saw how quickly she can learn with the right and appropriate materials, I nearly cried."

Mom of student in Rhode Island.

"My 8-year-old daughter learned the countries of South America in less than 15 minutes with your software"

Sales agent from a "competitor" in North Carolina.

"This is Brilliant Software"

Gifted and Talented coordinator in Nowata, Oklahoma.

"I learned the countries of South America in 10 minutes -- I haven't been able to do this in 42 years."

Military Chaplain stationed in Italy.

Hey, Bob, I already told 3 of my friends [about your software] they were going to check it out and I'm plannng on telling much more. I love your program so much it really works! Bye. :)

email from Caroline (6th grade) in Houston

My daughter used your software for one evening before her test. I have to tell you, that program is great.  She was addicted to it.  She couldn't stop trying to finish the states in the time allowed.  It really made learning a lot of fun, and made the process a lot easier for me.  We definitely will use your programs in the future.  Thanks again. 

Joanna (Mom) & Laura (Daughter)

My friend Hanna and I are both using your software. I made an A+ on my test last week and so did Hannah. As a matter of fact, this morning before school, Hannah and I practiced very hard with your click and learn software, and we believe very strongly that we got A+ on the tests that we took today as well. Your software is extremely efficient, and we were as prepared as you can get for a test when we took it. Thank you very much!

Joanna Joanna, Middle School, Arkansas

"My seventh grade students learned all 49 countries of Africa in 70 minutes!"

Chris Jones, Middle School Teacher; Pueblo, Colorado.

"One of my students that had never passed a test the entire year made a perfect score on the latest test because of Click and Learn."

Dale Allen, Middle School Science Teacher, Oklahoma.

"Thanks for letting me use your software. I was the only one in my class to score 100% on our geography test."

Sam Garner, age 11, Plano, Texas (friend of our salesman).

"Your product is fantastic. We have been homeschooling for 7 years using a very demanding and time intensive curriculum . . . my daughter memorized the states in two days time. I'm thrilled!

Linda G. Virginia

"One of our second grade students took the CD home and learned all 49 countries of Africa in one evening."

School principal (name available on request), north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"Click and Learn helps the most when we are just trying to get to know something new, that we are not totally for sure about."

Ashley Langley, 7th Grade WRMS.

"Many thanks, I'm learning so much, so quickly now!!! You were right! It is so easy that even an adult can use it."

Florida Anesthesiologist

"I am an 83 year-old grandmother and I learned more with Click and Learn in one month than with GeoSafari in a year."

Virginia customer buying software for grandkids.

"Even our students' parents love the software. We have some parents who come in to the school library during their lunch hour to use the software"

Beverly Slocum, Gifted/Talented Coordinator, Ruston, Louisiana.

"My (6-year-old) twins use my copy of the software at home. They like Click and Learn more than all of the products I sell."

John, Sales agent in Denver, Colorado.

"Students like the software so much that they sneak into the computer lab to use it"

Computer lab coordinator in Missouri.

"When I walked by the computer lab I saw a 3rd grade student jump up and dance like he had scored a touchdown -- your software makes learning fun."

Anita Williamson, Computer Systems Coordinator, Garden City, Kansas.

"We will have 35 students receiving Highest Honors at our geography awards ceremony this week. That is much higher than ever before and it is all because of Click and Learn"

Ed Grode, Principal, Perry Elementary School in Eire, Pennsylvania.

"We have lots of math software at home. I like your math product because it is easy to use and my son learns quickly with it."

Home School mom from New Mexico.

"Students who have a hard time learning with traditional methods can easily learn with this software."

Middle School Teacher, southern Colorado.

"I tell the school principals that they only need two things for Social Studies in their technology department: The Click and Learn software and access to the Internet."

Technology Coordinator in a Kansas District.

"We do Click and Learn a lot of times. It is so fun! It really gets your brain to working."

Andrew Marlow, 7th Grade WRMS.

"I think Click and Learn was a really good program. I thought it helped me out a lot. I actually hate using a textbook but I love computers. If we had not done Click and Learn, I probably would get a failing grade. I have the program at my house on my computer; and sometimes, I go to it just for fun of Study."

Jackie McCracken, 7th Grade WRMS, Oklahoma

"Bob, when I asked my teachers to give me feedback I was overwhelmed with positive comments. They love your program. They said the kids really love it. They are using it too for math facts. The fifth grade teacher said her kids forgot their math facts so up to the lab she went and they did click and learn with math facts and the kids got right back on track.

Principal, Catholic Elementary School, Oklahoma.

"It only takes two minutes to show the students how to use the software -- then I can go back to my other tasks."

Middle School librarian in Miami, Oklahoma.

"Your product is the brightest new star in the education market."

Email from competing salesman after trade show in Iowa.

"The only thing we do differently is we use the Click and Learn software"

Southeast Oklahoma Principal (at a Principal's meeting) when asked why his students' geography scores are so much higher than scores from other schools.

"My 3rd grade son uses the Click and Learn software at home to learn the 50 states. He Loves it!"

Secretary to the Principal, Deer Creek Middle School, Edmond Oklahoma.

"I have never seen software that was easier to use"

Catoosa, Oklahoma, Elementary School Principal.

"I must say that my school has learned a lot from your program. I find the program an easy and fun way to learn."

Patrick M, 8th grade student, Oklahoma City.

"This is better than Zip Zap Map"

Geography Club students (4th grade) in Missouri.

"We have a student who resists everything. When we got the Click and Learn software he asked me if he could work with it. I told him that he could not use the Click and Learn software until he had turned in his history report. He turned it in the next day. He is a smart student but he is stubborn."

Middle School teacher in Great Bend, Kansas.

Your software is "Teacher Wonderful!" I put my students on the computers and know that they won't be needing me for technical assistance.

5th Grade Geography Teacher, Erie, Pennsylvania

My son is ADD -- he loves working with the software at his own pace."

Home School Mother.

My 5-year-old son can name all 50 states because of the Click and Learn Software."

Dad in Oklahoma.

"Our teachers are crazy about your software."

Member of Textbook Adoption Committee in South Carolina.

"I don't have kids at home so I loaned the evaluation copy of the software to a neighbor. Their 5th grade student shot up to the top of his geography class in just days."

Middle School Textbook Adoption committee member in South Carolina.